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More on Who We Are

Winter4Kids is a youth-focused nonprofit organization that changes lives through winter activities. We provide mentor-based, experiential learning and encourage kids to have FUN while mastering Nordic, Alpine skiing and Snowboarding. Our programs deliver incremental physical fitness and have been designed to inspire our participants and build confidence in an educational environment. Our core values: Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, Confidence, Communication, Perseverance, Humility, Humor, Respect, Responsibility and Courtesy serve as principles for our programs and our organization.

Our Programs

For Learning or Competing

We improve the fitness, health & lives of our youth. We focus on improving our youth’s physical activity as a solution to the rising rate of childhood obesity in the United States. Our mentor-based, experiential training helps our participants confidence and reshapes their outlook on the importance of physical activity. We support or youth by offering access to the world of winter snow sports to youth who have never had the opportunity to participate.

The National Winter Activity Center

Where We Help Kids

Located in Vernon, NJ the Winter4Kids National Winter Activity Center is born from a former commercial ski mountain that has been transformed to a youth serving oasis. With state-of-the-art snow making, grooming and lifts, the center supports programs exclusively for youth. At the facility, students are fitted for equipment, fed healthy meals and snacks and provided expert instruction from introduction to competition level mastery in nordic and alpine skiing and snowboarding.