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About Our Culture

A Culture for Everyone

Winter4Kids exists to create healthy lifestyles and influence behaviors of youth through winter activities. Better health and attitudes are the result of increased moderate to vigorous activity, nutritious food, and personal development. Lives are changed and outlooks are brighter as each of our participants become better individuals through the mastery of snow and life skills. Our youth use these experiences to explore and pursue new academic, life and sport opportunities.

Founded in 2014, Winter4Kids at the National Winter Activity Center embraced the dream that every kid should benefit from the rich experience of the outdoors in winter. Now we begin our next five years, building on the 8,671 we have served to reach 40,000 more. With that goal of serving more than a few hundred non-profit organizations and communities, we rely on philanthropy, community support and earned income. 

Board Members

Meet Our Board of Directors

  •  Schone Malliet
    Schone Malliet

    President & CEO

  • Ambassador (Ret.) Harry Thomas
    Ambassador (Ret.) Harry Thomas


  •  Bill Doran
    Bill Doran

  •  Helen Ingebretsen
    Helen Ingebretsen

  •  Phill Gross
    Phill Gross

  •  Stacey Roman
    Stacey Roman

  •  Chris Nyberg
    Chris Nyberg

  •  Kristin Shute
    Kristin Shute

  •  Luke Bodensteiner
    Luke Bodensteiner

Winter4Kids Team

Meet The Winter for Kids Staff

  •  Schone Malliet
    Schone Malliet

    President & CEO

    Office: (973) 846-8250

    Mobile: (201) 388-6026

  •  Brandon Pearce
    Brandon Pearce


  •  Judie Rullis
    Judie Rullis

    Marketing Communications

  •  Jon Tversland
    Jon Tversland

    Mountain Operations

  •  Richard Trent
    Richard Trent


  •  Shannon Garrity
    Shannon Garrity

    Executive Assistant

  •  Maryrae Zarantonello
    Maryrae Zarantonello


  •  Nancy Martinez
    Nancy Martinez

    Human Resources

  •  Jessica Shandor
    Jessica Shandor


  •  Eric Pietrucha
    Eric Pietrucha

    Base Operations

  •  Danielle Vallat
    Danielle Vallat


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