National Winter Activity Center 2015 Season Update

The center pilot season

Our 2015 "Pilot" Season

The National Winter Activity Center (affectionately known as "the Center"), opened its "doors" to 180 youth for a total of 720 participant sessions, in the Ted Ligety Learn to Ski program. "The Center" delivered instruction, meals, equipment and mentoring to the members of the YMCA (of Greater New York), the Boys and Girls Club (Hudson County), ThrillSeekers Ski and Snowboard Club (Tri-State), Girls Scouts (Bronx) and even the LPGA Youth.

Our goals are to:

  • Improve lives, health and fitness through 60-80 hours of mentored outdoor winter activity;
  • Introduce new participants to winter sports in a way that sustains participation; and
  • Deliver program opportunity to have fun while they master, excel and/or compete.

We will open the entire facility for the 2016 season with 1,450 participants from the pilot program organizations and others.



"You have given my son the opportunity to do something that I couldn't and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you for all your hard work!" - YMCA parent
" Our Kids had a blast. They learned that a love of the outdoors can be had even on the coldest day" - LGPA Youth
"We love that we have been able to ski and are extremely thankful and blessed" - Boys & Girls Club

Partners for Success - What Was Accomplished

Focusing on "never evers", the team led by Greg Pier, Vinnie Zinno and Judie Zimmerman made up of committed instructors, ski patrol, lift operators, snowmakers and groomers, created a environment of fun, safety and accomplishment that has changed the lives of all who participated. Delivering this environment was the direct result of extraordinary partnerships beginning with Bill Benneyan, President of Mountain Creek. Those companies and partners made possible:

  • 2.8 million gallons of snowmaking and grooming in five days, working with an infrastructure that would not cooperate. (HKD, CHS Snowmakers, Dave Shankey, Prinoth)
  • Lehigh Enterprises created the "never ever" environment, removing lifts and installing our "people movers".
  • Prinoth delivered our groomer in record time (5 days).
  • Zinno Construction led the permitting process, coordinated everyone and renovated the lodge.
  • Heinos (Derrick Washington & Greg Pier) led and coordinated the evaluation, certification and equipment provisioning.
  • Mountain Creek, in addition to being our tactical partner (facilitating our instruction team), provided meals.
  • The former Hidden Valley Ski Patrol delivered a safe environment
  • The Begraft family, Mayor Marotta, Senator Oroho, the Vernon township functional leaders and the Highlands Council provided guidance and support.

The Work this Summer
Our Next Steps

Completing our pilot season we begin 8 months of work with the tasks of:

  • Removing and replacing the old lifts with a new fixed quad and triple serving the competition arena, the next step (intermediate) and beginner terrain.
  • Widening the competition arena, intermediate and beginner trails.
  • FIS Slalom course design, homologation and GS registration of the competition arena.
  • Total replacement of the snowmaking infrastructure (pipe, pumps, compressors, fan and air guns).
  • Building a maintenance structure for the pump, garage and snowmaking control room. Complete renovations of the lodge focusing on the cafeteria, media and participant areas

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